Multi URL Opener

What is Multi Link Opener Online Tool?
Multi Link Opener is SEO aid on tool. It is free multi url opener tool. Using this tool one can open many URLs at once (with one click). Each URL is opened in new tab (Please check browser setting to allow opening new tabs). Now forget about copying and pasting each URL in browser address bar and opening new links manually. Web Masters, SEO professionals, Web Developers can now open multiple urls with one click and spend more time on other SEO tasks, development tasks etc.

How To Use this tool?
Please paste list of URLs to open in above input text area and click on Open All URLs button. Paste only one url per line.

How many URLs can one open with one click?
Ideally there is no limit to open multiple number of URLs. But it all depends on computer resources and number of browser windows already open. Hence it is advisable to open 10-15 URLs at a time so that browser does not hog resources and does not crash.

What browsers are supported?
Multi URL Opener works on all browser (Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Google Chrome, Midori, Opera etc)that supports java script. It does not work if javascript is blocked or not supported in browser.